About Wireless Links

Founded in 2000, headquartered in NJ USA, Wireless Links leads the GPS based fleet management and asset tracking markets with unparalleled innovative hardware and software solutions.

The Piccolo family of products for Fleet Management and Asset Tracking are the telematics industry’s most innovative and most complete GPS based mobile solutions that combine the latest technology in electronics with over 13 years of experience in developing innovation.

This complete solution is sourced from one company that owns and controls all hardware and software components of the system.

Small and large businesses alike in 25 countries successfully utilize Wireless Links solutions. Our customers span across many industries including Ambulance, Trucking, Courier, Towing, Limo and Public Safety… just to name a few. They range from ‘Mom and Pop’ fleets with only five vehicles to transportation giants with thousands of Wireless Links GPS units in a single system.

For system integrators and software companies, Wireless Links provides the industry’s most flexible, most innovative, most modular and easily customizable GPS based mobile solutions to meet your customers’ requirements. The Piccolo family of GPS based mobile solutions is packaged with application, communication software, and API’s that make the integration into your application as easy as plug and play.

Over 150 integrators in 25 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and South America have already partnered with Wireless Links and use the Piccolo Family of GPS based mobile solutions to differentiate themselves via innovation and unique functionalities in their local markets.

Whether you are an integrator, software company, or end user, partnering with Wireless Links creates a competitive advantage for you.

Over and above our innovative products and superior Fleet Management and Vehicle Fleet Tracking System functionality, one of our key differentiators is the Wireless Links product reliability and unparalleled customer support. As an evidence of our hardware solutions reliability we still have in use a few thousand of our first generation GPRS units released in 2002. They just don’t break so customers have no reason to replace them.

Our software and hardware engineers are full time company employees who design and manufacture our own hardware and software. The product ownership allows us to better service you the customer as we control every component we sell. So when it comes to quality and service, we depend on no one to service you.

Wireless Links is a customer focused market driven company. We provide innovative, high quality products and solutions. We are flexible and respond quickly to changing market needs. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we meet this goal year after year.

But don’t take our word for it… ask our customers and integrator partners in 25 countries!!!

Our technology will make your business the most competitive in your market.


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