The Game Changer – RFLink



The Game Changer – RFLink

The industry’s only solution that combines GPS based tracking devices integrated with active RFID tags.


An RFTag is placed on every trailer or container, and a Piccolo Plus with an RFLink module is installed in every truck. In addition to sending the GPS position, driver behavior and via the air engine diagnostics the Piccolo Plus is also communicating wirelessly to the RFTags placed on every trailer. The range of the RF communication is up to 250ft (70m) and is configurable for shorter range as needed. The RFTag is sending attach and detach data to Fleet.Net via the Piccolo Plus that is adding to it the current date, time and GPS location data and sending it to the server so you know what asset was picked up and dropped off when and where and by what truck and/or driver. At the server you will…

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