Monitor when and where a student gets on and off a bus while managing your fleet.


RFLink is a revolutionary accurate and reliable solution to monitor when and where a student gets on and off a bus and is fully integrated with the GPS based fleet management system that tracks the bus.

The solution includes a Piccolo Plus GPS unit installed in the bus that in
addition to sending data such as GPS, IO’s, driver behavior and engine diagnostics also has an active RFID receiver. A small battery operated RFTag transmi􀂂tter is placed in the backpack of each student.

The RFTag has an active RFID transmi􀂂tter with a range of 210 ft. (70 m). Once a student gets on the bus, the RFTag will automatically link up and register with the Piccolo Plus and will route the data of the student ID, Time and Location of registration to the server.

When the student gets off the bus the link will be broken and the Piccolo will send a notification to the server with the date, time and exact location where the student got off the bus.

The server will display visually in real-time the location of each bus and the list of students on that bus and will generate reports as needed.

The advantage of using the RFTags is that the registration of getting on and off the bus is done automatically – no action is required by the student.



Passive RFID – A passive RFID reader connected via RS232 to the Piccolo Plus that is installed in the bus.

The passive RFID reader is installed on the dashboard of the bus. Each student is provided with a passive RFID tag that is about the size of a credit card or with a key chain butt􀂂on tag the size of a dime. When the student gets on or off the bus they are required to scan the RFID tag by passing the tag around 5” (8cm) from the RFID reader. The Piccolo Plus will send via cellular the ID of the scanned RFID tag to the server times-stamped with the date, time and location of the scan.

The rest of the functionality is the same as described above for the RFLink. The disadvantage of this option is that student action to scan the tag is required.



Try our RISK FREE offering:

We suggest that you start with our RISK FREE Pilot test of 1-3 Piccolo units for 2-3 months installed in various vehicles.

This will allow you to evaluate the Piccolo performance in your own environment. If you are not 100% happy with the Piccolo performance during the Pilot for any reason you may return the units within 90 days for a full refund.

Our Technology will make your business the most competitive in your market via innovation.





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