Temperature monitoring solutions for refrigerated trucks and trailers integrated with Fleet Management



The Piccolo STX

In addition to fleet management functionalities, the Piccolo STX supports up to 6 wired digital temperature sensors with an accuracy of 0.9°F (0.5°C) to be installed in different compartments.STX temperature

RF-LINK: The Piccolo Plus with RFTags

The waterproof RFTag with an integrated temperature sensor is installed in the refrigerated trailer and is sending the temperature every 10 sec wirelessly to the Piccolo Plus that is routing it to the server .Optionally the RFTag might be installed on the trailer with an external temperature sensor to be placed inside the trailer or truck.

RFLink temperature

The Piccolo TMX

A portable temperature monitoring device integrated with GPS to be placed inside refrigerated cargo such as drug shipments. Capable of reading the temperature at pre-determined intervals and sending the accumulated readings with or without respective GPS coordinates. The unit has a long ba􀂂ttery life, powered by a
7800Mamp rechargeable lithium ba􀂂ttery.


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