RFLink: A Game Changer for Asset Tracking


Do you know where your trailers are?

RFLink temperature

Piccolo Plus is the only GPS unit in the market fully integrated with Active RFID technology revolutionizing the Asset Tracking market.

An RFTag is placed on every trailer, container, or any asset and a Piccolo Plus with an RFLink module is installed in every truck.  In addition to sending the GPS position, driver behavior, via the air engine diagnostics and temperature monitoring the Piccolo Plus is also communicating wirelessly with the RFTags placed on every trailer. The range of the RF communication is up to 250 feet (70m) and is configurable for shorter range as needed.

Once a trailer is picked up by a truck, the Piccolo Plus installed in the truck will detect the RFTag installed on the trailer and will establish a communication link sending the RFTag ID to the Piccolo Plus which will route the data via 2G or 3G cellular networks to a 3rd party application or to the Fleet.net server with the date, time and GPS location where the link was established to be marked as the pickup location. When the truck arrives at its destination, it drops off the trailer and drives away, at this point the RFLink between the RFTag installed on the trailer and the Piccolo Plus installed on the truck is broken and the Piccolo Plus will send a disconnect message to Fleet.net with the RFTag ID, time stamp, date and GPS location of the trailer drop off location.

The RFTags can also serve as wireless temperature sensors and wireless IO‘s for numerous status monitoring applications.

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