Integrators and Software Developers! You have different requirements for containers, trailers and asset tracking… We have more than one solution!


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The Game changer RFLink- The industry’s only solution that combines GPS based tracking devices integrated with active RFID tags.

Easily place or install the RF tag on any trailer, container and/or asset to monitor:

IMG_3659       d07c2c2a-c5be-4277-8dfd-250230bfeb7a

  • The RFTag is sending attached and detached data to your server via the Piccolo Plus that is adding to it the current GPS data so you know what asset you picked up, when and where it was dropped off and by what truck and/or driver.
  • Once integrated into your server by the push of a button you will know the trailer’s and/or any monitored asset last known location.
  • RFTag has an option for temperature monitoring in refrigerated trucks and/or remote IO’s for door and/or PTO status monitoring

Piccolo ATX-2S Solar Powered
So advanced up to 10 years battery life on a single charge


  • Up to 10 years of operation, sending up to 10,000…

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