The most flexible, most innovative, most modular and easily customizable GPS based family of mobile solutions to meet your customers changing needs.


Integrators and SoftwareDevelopers!
We are Proud to Present:

The most flexible, most innovative, most modular and easily customizable GPS based family of mobile solutions to meet your customers changing needs.


Piccolo STX for Fleet Management
basic fleet management with advanced added value functionalities such as:

  • IO’s
  • CANbus (ODBII, J1939 or J1708)
  • Optional ODBII plug and play connector
  • Accelerometer for driver behavior
  • Back-up 1800 Mamp rechargeable lithium battery
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Driver ID


Piccolo Plus for Advanced Functionalities
Our flagship product meeting every market requirement.
For users looking for advanced fleet management solutions such as:

  • Active RFID – the RFLink
  • WIFI Router – in-cabin WiFi hotspot
  • Passive RFID
  • Temperature monitoring – up to 6 digital temperature sensors
  • Garmin interface
  • RS232 port
  • and more!

rflink-trailerIMG_3659The Revolutionary RFLink
Easily place or install the RF tag on any trailer, container and/or asset to monitor:

  • The RFTag is sending attached and detached data to your server via the Piccolo Plus that is adding to…

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