The Piccolo Hybrid+ The industry’s most advanced & most versatile dual mode GPS unit for Trailer Tracking.


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The Piccolo Hybrid+

The industry’s most advanced & most versatile dual mode GPS unit for Trailer Tracking


Featuring a large 7800 mAH rechargeable lithium battery capacity and packaged in a compact IP67 waterproof enclosure the Piccolo Hybrid+ is the ideal solution for:
Trailer Tracking, Boat Tracking, Machinery Tracking.



Packaged in a robust IP67 waterproof enclosure with a 7800Mamp rechargeable lithium back up battery, the Piccolo Hybrid+ will automatically switch from regular vehicle tracking mode to asset tracking mode when the external power is disconnected. 

  • When powered by external power, the Piccolo Hybrid+ operates in real-time vehicle tracking mode sending GPS in high frequency for example every 30 seconds.
  • Once power is disconnected, the Piccolo Hybrid+ switches to Asset Tracking (AT) mode sending data 1-2 (user-defined) times a day when parked. Once movement/vibration is detected, the Piccolo Hybrid+ will automatically wake up, send an alarm and for as long as the vibration continues will switch to report data at a more frequent interval (user-defined) for example every 10 minutes.
  • The Piccolo Hybrid+ is a very sophisticated device providing you with advanced reporting of notifications…

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