The Piccolo Hybrid+ The industry’s most advanced & most versatile dual mode GPS unit for Trailer Tracking.

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The Piccolo Hybrid+

The industry’s most advanced & most versatile dual mode GPS unit for Trailer Tracking


Featuring a large 7800 mAH rechargeable lithium battery capacity and packaged in a compact IP67 waterproof enclosure the Piccolo Hybrid+ is the ideal solution for:
Trailer Tracking, Boat Tracking, Machinery Tracking.



Packaged in a robust IP67 waterproof enclosure with a 7800Mamp rechargeable lithium back up battery, the Piccolo Hybrid+ will automatically switch from regular vehicle tracking mode to asset tracking mode when the external power is disconnected. 

  • When powered by external power, the Piccolo Hybrid+ operates in real-time vehicle tracking mode sending GPS in high frequency for example every 30 seconds.
  • Once power is disconnected, the Piccolo Hybrid+ switches to Asset Tracking (AT) mode sending data 1-2 (user-defined) times a day when parked. Once movement/vibration is detected, the Piccolo Hybrid+ will automatically wake up, send an alarm and for as long as the vibration continues will switch to report data at a more frequent interval (user-defined) for example every 10 minutes.
  • The Piccolo Hybrid+ is a very sophisticated device providing you with advanced reporting of notifications to your server, including when and where the external power is connected/disconnected.
  • The current battery level is sent together with every message.
  • Easily reconfigure the Piccolo Hybrid+ OTA or by sending SMS commands.
  • The Piccolo hybrid+ is not just a hardware product, it’s a complete mobile solution packaged with: UDP or TCP/IP communication, flexible and comprehensive local and OTA user configuration tools, OTA diagnostics and API’s with various sample codes for Plug & Play integration into any 3rd party server.


  • Up to 6 external digital temperature sensor’s for refrigerated trailers
  • CANbus J1939/OBDII or J1708
  • Waterproof DC port for stand-alone Asset Tracking Applications
  • Waste Level Sensor for Smart Waste collection service applications


Small Size, Long Battery Standalone Container or Asset Tracker
Packaged in a waterproof IP67 enclosure, the Piccolo Hybrid+ is also a small-sized standalone container or any asset tracker with a battery life of up to 5 year or up to 5000 GPS on a single charge when powered off the internal 7800 mAH rechargeable lithium battery.

  • Easy to configure separate reporting intervals based on movement.
  • When movement/vibrations are detected, the device can be configured to stay awake for the duration of movement and report in real-time.
  • When an event is detected, the Piccolo Hybrid+ is programmable to send an SMS alarm to mobile phones together with the current GPS coordinates
  • Easily recharge the battery with a standard 12VDC wall charger.

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Easy Installation

  • Magnets – For easy installation on metal surfaces
  • Two sided 3M Industrial tape- for a strong, permanent attachment
  • Screw installation

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Founded in 2000, headquartered in NJ USA with R&D and manufacturing facilities, Wireless Links leads the GPS based fleet management and asset tracking markets with unparalleled innovative hardware and software solutions.
Wireless Links provides the industry’s most flexible, most innovative, most modular and easily customizable GPS based mobile solutions to meet your customers’ requirements. The Piccolo family of GPS based mobile solutions are packaged with application software, communication software, and APIs that make integration into your application as easy as plug and play.
RFLink is the industry’s only solution that fully integrates RFID technology and GPS based fleet management units.
Over 150 integrators in 25 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and South America have already partnered with Wireless Links and use the Piccolo Family of GPS based mobile solutions to differentiate themselves via innovation and unique functionalities in their local markets.

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