Wireless Links introduces innovative temperature monitoring solutions for cold chain supply made simple and affordable by innovation

Piccolo Hybrid – Dual Mode for Trailer Tracking and temperature monitoring for up to 6 cold zones in one trailer

Packaged in an IP65 waterproof enclosure with a rechargeable lithium back up battery and up to 6 temperature sensors to monitor up to 6 different zones in a refrigerated trailer or truck. The Piccolo has flexible setting to send temperature with every GPS and/or when the temperature is changing with certain value, additionally send automatic alarm once an extreme high low temperature level is reached. The unit will automatically switch from real time vehicle tracking mode to asset tracking mode once external power is disconnected. For example, when the trailer is disconnected from the cabin, the unit will automatically switch to be powered by the backup battery and will enter “asset tracking mode”. In this mode, rather than sending GPS and temperature in the normal predetermined interval of 1-2 minutes, the unit will send GPS data in longer intervals.
When disconnected from power, a possible scenario could be that the unit will send GPS and temperature data once an hour. Also when parked the Piccolo Hybrid will wake up automatically and send an alarm once vibration is detected, then switch to send data every XX minutes for as long as the vibration continues (asset is in motion or vibration is detected).
The unit will send notifications to the server when and where the external power is disconnected and switch to operate on internal backup battery. Also, the unit sends a notification to the server when and where the external power is reconnected. With every GPS message, the unit sends the battery level it currently operates on.

Piccolo Plus integrated with RFLink – The only active RFID tag in the world that has a temperature sensor and is integrated with a GPS unit for advanced fleet management, asset tracking and temperature monitoring functionalities in a refrigerated trailer and/or refrigerated truck 
RFLink is a cost effective solution to monitor the pickup and drop off location of a refrigerated trailer and to know the temperature inside the refrigerated trailer at the time of pick up or drop off.
The solution includes a Piccolo Plus GPS unit installed in a truck. The Piccolo, in addition to its normal GPS Fleet Management functionalities, is also regularly communicating with small RFTags that are being placed on the trailer .The RFTag has an integrated temperature sensor and optionally can also have an external temperature sensor to be placed inside the trailer.
When the truck gets within a range of up to 70 meters from the trailer, the RFTag will establish a wireless communication link with the Piccolo Plus and will send its temperature reading. The Piccolo Plus will then send to the server via cellular communication a “connect” message with the time and temperature of that RFtag and that RFtag GPS location obtained from the Piccolo Plus and vice versa. When the asset is dropped off and the truck drives away, the RF tag is no longer within range, and the Piccolo will send a “disconnect” and last temperature reading including a GPS location message to the server.
The RFTags optionally has one ON/OFF input for monitoring events such as door open/close.
As opposed to the Piccolo Hybrid ( Solution #1 )  the RFLink is not a real time tracking solution rather a monitoring solution. On the server side by the push of a button, the dispatcher will know the location of every trailer, when it was picked up, when it was dropped off, and by which driver and what was the temperature inside that trailer at the pick up and drop off .
RFtag is a cost effective solution for monitoring assets. The advantage of this solution – no need for wiring the communication between the RFTag and the Piccolo as it’s Wireless communication.

Once placed in the refrigerated area the Piccolo TMX is normally in deep sleep mode configured to wake up once every XX minutes, read the temperature with the current GPS position and send it with a time stamp to the server.
Alternatively, in order to preserve battery life wake up every XX minutes (for example every 5 minutes) read the temperature with the battery life and time stamp store it in the Piccolo TMX memory and send all accumulated reading with their respective time stamps to the server every YY minutes (for example every 60 minutes).

Piccolo STX – the ultimate solution for refrigerated trucks 
a GPS unit installed in the cabin that in addition to GPS, Jbus, IO’s – standard fleet management functionalities, it also has an integrated external digital temperature sensor installed in the refrigerated truck. The Piccolo has flexible settings which allows sending temperature with every GPS and/or when the temperature is changing to a certain value, additionally it sends an automatic alarm once an extreme high low temperature level is reached.

Try our RISK FREE offering:

We suggest that you start with our RISK FREE Pilot test of 1-3 Piccolo units for 2-3 months installed in various vehicles; this will allow you to evaluate the Piccolo performance in your own environment. If you are not 100% happy with the Piccolo performance during the Pilot for any reason you may return the units within 90 days for a full refund.

Our Technology will make your business the most competitive in your market via innovation



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