RFLink : The industry’s only solution that combines GPS based tracking devices integrated with active RFID tags


The Wireless Links RFLink solution is an Active RFID system that comprises of small RFTags 33mmX65mmX15.5mm (1.3”X2.55”X0.593”) that are placed on assets to be monitored that communicate via RF at 2.4GHz to the Piccolo Plus. In addition to its fleet management functionalities, the Piccolo Plus also functions as a hub for the RFTags that are within the RF reception radius of up to 250 feet (70m). The data received from the RF Tags is processed by the Piccolo Plus and, depending of the particular requirements, the data is routed by the Piccolo Plus via the cellular network to the fleet management and/or asset tracking server.

The RFTag sends the Piccolo Plus a ping message every 10 seconds. The message includes the unit ID, the RF signal strength, and optionally, IOs. Every RFTag may be assigned to communicate to one particular Piccolo Plus or any number of Piccolo Plus units defined within a system.

The RFTag has a powerful 32bit CPU with a 2.4 GHz IEEE802.15.4 transceiver and a 2400mAh lithium battery that can power the unit for around 36 months, all packaged within a small waterproof enclosure with dimensions 3”x2”x1” LWD(80mmx50mmx24mm). When packaged with an internal antenna, the transmission radius is around 250 feet (70m).

Applications for RFLink:

  • An RFTag is placed on every asset within a yard such as: trailers, containers, generators etc. and a few Piccolo Plus units are installed on fixed poles. Once an asset is moved, the Piccolo Plus will detect the disconnect of the ping of the particular RFTag and will report to the server via the cellular network. Similarly, when a new asset is moved to within a radius of up to 250 feet (70m) of a particular Piccolo Plus, the new RFTag’s ping will be detected, and its ID will be sent to the server. The location of each Piccolo Plus is known via GPS, and as such, the last known location of the asset is within the radius of the signal reception of a Piccolo Plus.
  • An RFTag is placed on a trailer or container that is moved by a truck to a particular location. A Piccolo Plus is installed in the cabin of the truck. Once the trailer is disconnected from the truck, the Piccolo Plus will lose communication with the RFTag and will send the disconnect message to the server with its GPS location.
  • The RFTag has the option of sending two digital inputs. For example, if the door of a container is opened, the RFTag will send the data to the Piccolo Plus which will generate an alarm message sent via cellular to the server.
  • Similarly, as above, the RFTag can also monitor temperatures in various refrigerators in a supermarket or refrigerated trailer yard.

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